Music is Forever

Music is Forever. It's the rhythm & harmony of our lives. Music is with us for most joyful moments, saddest times and everything in between. The emotional connection we have with our musical memories is unbreakable. The bond with your audience can be just as unbreakable. 11 One/Music understands how music expresses our human desire for connection. We know that the sound you choose for your brand is more than just branding. It's your relationship to the world. Whether it’s a library music track or a news theme, we want what you deliver to your audience to have the perfect message. We'll work with you to create a sonic brand to make that message stand out.


In numerology, the number 111 is creative, independent, optimistic, and inspiring. All terms that clients and partners have used to describe 11 One/Music founder Randy Wachtler. The essence of 11 One includes effective communication, customer service, Joyfulness and dynamism. When unhampered, 11 One takes on the role of real leadership, and is apt to break new ground in its endeavors and accomplishments. 11 One numerology is central to Wachtler's core business philosophies of unparalleled customer service and creative ingenuity in News Music and Production Music.


Randy Wachtler

Founder and President |

Tom Snider

Head of Production/Composer, News Music Division |

Dave Cleveland

Composer |

Kris Crunk

Composer |

Haden Wachtler

Director of Operations |

Tamara Saviano

Marketing and Communications Director |

Melissa Mattey

Songwriter, Performing Artist and Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Leah Schattschneider

Audio Engineer

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