10. April 2024
We partnered with the NSAI and the Renaissance Hotel Nashville for this year’s contest! Contest is open to all in the Film, TV, Advertising, Broadcasting, News, Multimedia and Music industries. ...
4. April 2024
Check out our latest discs including an incredible Retro Lounge Kitschy Cheeky vol. 3 collection with live brass and horns, a beautiful orchestral album titled “Magical Journey”, new Modern ...
31. January 2024
Mykel is a Salt Lake City born singer-songwriter with powerhouse vocals that have been compared to Jessie J, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Jojo. Her tenure in the industry began in high school touring ...
10. January 2024
Check out one of our latest releases “Afrobeat Latino” ! Stream now ->
4. January 2024
4. January 2024
Check out this collection of newest sounds for the New Year!
30. October 2023
Two aspiring songwriters, Luke Davis and Danny Ferro, found their musical destinies intertwined. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and with dreams as vast as the Tennessee horizon, they embarked on a ...
30. October 2023
Check out the themes here!
6. October 2023
Anders Swanson is an emerging Nashville-based songwriter and producer looking to express his creativity through several different artist projects. Most recently, he unveiled his electronic-pop alter ...
27. September 2023
15. September 2023
Stream the track here! you in LA at the awards!
12. September 2023
Visuals produced and provided by the incredible creative team at WDRB!
19. August 2023
19. August 2023
9. August 2023
Check out music from Amelia here! is a songwriter and performing artist from the heart & soul of the South. Born and ...
21. July 2023
21. July 2023
You’ve got the story.We’ve got the music.Hip, fresh tracks by a worldwide network of acclaimed composers. meticulously curated and assembled in our easy-to-use and comprehensive production music ...
13. July 2023
51 total new albums are up! Included in these releases are Audiobrat’s Rad 80s & Haunted Hip Hop discs, 30 albums from the SyncWeasel catalog, 3 new trailer discs in the HELIX catalog and 18 others ...
12. June 2023
Sam is currently a recording artist, producer and songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. He has been singing and playing guitar since he was a kid. Sam went to Auburn where he played football and got ...
6. June 2023
Stream our ninth and latest collection of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Soul and more in the RMG catalog --> from Danielle ...
15. May 2023
5. May 2023
26. April 2023
Our eighth library SyncWeasel will be available very soon! Check back for more details coming shortly.
10. April 2023
We’re partnering with Promax to give away a free trip to Nashville this summer! Click the link and fill out the form for a chance to win --> One/Music is ...
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